Virginias Cocoa

Chocolate lovers

Virginias has always stood out for how it cares for and handles its chocolate. This has inspired us to create a whole new line of products based on cocoa: Virginias Cocoa

The Intensity selection is designed to satisfy chocolate lovers with a varied selection of different intensities of cocoa. From milk chocolate with an intensity of 41% to an exclusive 99%-cocoa chocolate of great character. Let yourself fall in love with their different creamy or fruity notes and choose between softness, balance or character.


Our very own trip through the best and most varied plantations has led us to create Origins. A meticulous selection of the most original and diverse cocoas which transport us to a world of sensations to suit the most demanding tastes. Our selection also includes an organic dark chocolate with fava beans from a single and unique biological plantation: Alto el Sol in Perú.


Virtanias are the new Virginias bonbons: chocolate and almond, and then inspiration.

Our attractive candied almond bonbons are complemented by a chocolate coating and our own special touch to achieve delicacies like Lime, Mango, Coconut and –why not?– Strawberry Virtanias.

But we mustn’t forget the more classic but no less seductive ones: the Praline, Cinnamon and Cocoa Virtanias, for those who like more intense, dark chocolate flavours.

With our vast experience in no sugar added products, we just had to include the sugar-free versions of these bonbons.

You will find the varieties of no sugar added Cocoa and Milk Chocolate , with a new sweetener –obtained through lengthy studies– which allows us to offer a product with the same flavour and high fibre content at the same time.

gama Virginias cacao Virtanias

And we also have the Dragees.

That’s what we call the bonbons in which we seek seductive combinations of chocolate and fruit.

Have you ever tried toasted corn and chocolate? If so, you can’t afford to miss the Chocolate-Covered Toasted Corn Virginias Dragees.. As they say, if you try one you won’t be able to stop.

You’ll also be able to find our bits of Strawberry Dipped Chocolate or the Mango and Chilli Dragees.

Benefits Chocolate: The pleasure of taking care of yourself.

Our line of Benefits chocolate bars, developed in collaboration with Leitat Technological Centre, incorporates a number of different ingredients with a common objective, to help you take care of yourself. And without missing out on the pleasure of eating chocolate.

The new Benefits bars will make it easier and more delicious for you to reduce fatigue, get to sleep at night and control your cholesterol, thanks to ingredients like ginko biloba, melatonin and omega 3, among others. All that with the guarantee of quality and flavour of Virginias chocolate.

Never again will you have to choose between the pleasure of a good chocolate or taking care of yourself. With Benefits chocolate you can do it all at the same time.

No sugar added

As leaders in the field of no sugar added products, the Virginias Cocoa line would not be complete without our proposal for this category.

In this collection, our line of no sugar added chocolate includes a new and essentially plant-based sweetener, which looks and behaves similarly to sugar, but with fewer calories and fats. Enjoy authentic Virginias Cocoa chocolate without worrying about sugar and, furthermore, with an incredible taste. Choose between our milk chocolate and our 70%-cocoa dark chocolate.

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