El Taller de Virginias

Nougats, chocolates

and specialties from El Taller

The collection of handcrafted nougats and chocolates from El Taller de Virginias in Agramunt brings the emotion of traditional flavour to our wide selection of products.

Proud of having recently been labelled a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), we continue working with the best ingredients to offer a handcrafted product of such excellent quality as the traditional Torró d’Agramunt.

Crafted in accordance with the recipes of our master nougat-bakers and following the nougat-making tradition, the power of their timeless flavour transports us to unforgettable moments shared with the family.

The El Taller line includes classic and more modern nougats, all packaged in transparent wrapping to reveal their contents, and respecting the traditional Catalan bar format, which grants them a presence consistent with the high quality of the product.

For cocoa lovers, we offer our artisanal line of Xocolata d’Agramunt and our specialties from El Taller. A wide selection for all tastes crafted with the best varieties of cocoa: spiked truffled chocolate, chocolate with hazelnuts or almonds, stone-ground chocolate and endless combinations which will not leave you indifferent.



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