New Creations 2023

We present this year's novelties within the different ranges of Virginias: Praline, 0% without added sugar, Sublime and Specialties.

Thanks to the labour of our master nougat makers, we keep widening our broad selection of nougats with original new creations that preserve our traditional essence.

We are expanding the 0% range without added sugar with the presentation of Rice Pudding Nougat, a traditional dessert that will also have its classic version within the Pralines range. If you like dessert, let yourself be surprised by the Nougat version.
Within the same range of Pralines, you will also find the new Dark Chocolate Truffle Nougat with Orange, the renowned Virginias chocolate combined perfectly with this citrus fruit.

Within the Sublime range, we want to present two very special new products. The Umami Cacao Nougat with two chocolates, Cocoa Pulp cream and crunchy Nibs, with a shape inspired by the cocoa bean and the Crispy Mandarin Nougat with Hazelnut Nougat Praline, the stars of this season.

Umami is the so-called fifth flavor and is distinguished from the rest because it is powerful, pleasant and is linked to many of the ingredients that please people the most.

In this nougat, we wanted to balance the mix of ingredients so that the experience in terms of flavor takes you on a journey towards the most authentic cocoa. Its reddish color and texture is hand-painted by our Master Nougat Makers. The interior is full of surprises such as fresh cream with cocoa pulp or the crunch of toasted nibs that give it intensity and authentic chocolate flavor.

Our Tangerine Crispy comes presented in a special format to be able to cut ideal portions for tasting.

Mandarin and hazelnut are two fruits that are grown very close to each other, in the Mediterranean basin. We have combined them into a surprising nougat, with three unprecedented textures and flavors. It contains a fresh cream of candied mandarins, a creamy crunch of honey and a praline of toasted hazelnuts.

Turron sublime mandarina

News for all tastes

This year, El Taller de Virginias, the firm’s most artisanal range, goes beyond nougats and chocolates and presents its commitment to a variety of quality products.

The novelties in the Specialties range are this year the El Taller de Virginias Nougat Cream Liqueur and a wide assortment of treats presented in a new glass jar format.

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