New Creations 2022

We are please to introduce our new creations of 2022-2023, in which innovation and tradition
once again go hand in hand.

Thanks to the labour of our master nougat makers, we keep widening our broad selection of nougats with original new creations that preserve our traditional essence.

39. Bodegón

Perfect combination exactly defines the new nougats of the Praline selection, which you will not be able to resist. With a dash of Frizze and a mixture of strawberries and premium 5th gin, our masters created the Strawberry Gin Nougat, and for chocolate lovers they propose the desirable Caramel and Cookie Truffled Nougat,with a most tempting flavour. We are also lengthening our list for traditional palates with the excellent refreshing taste of Lemon Pie Nougat.

As a leading brand in the no sugar added sector, taking the great success of Orange Bonbon 0% into account, our list would not be complete without the new flavour Lemon Bonbon 0%.. And to satisfy the biggest sweet tooths, we now offer one of our classic recipes with no sugar added: Spiked Sour Cherry Egg Yolk Nougat 0%.


Our Sublime de Virginias line is also growing with original new items for the biggest gourmands. Inspired by the traditional Italian dessert, we have created the delicious Panettone Nougat, delicately textured and coated in a fine layer of chocolate. In addition, our list would not be complete without a dessert which is highly surprising and at the same time an authentic delicacy, the Persian Lime and Cocoa Tart Sublime Nougat, with a biscuit base that fuses perfectly into the texture of the gold chocolate and the creaminess of the lime.

Authentic, limited-edition handcrafted desserts you cannot afford to miss.

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