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We've revolutionised our
“no sugar added” line

Virginias has positioned itself once again as a leading brand in the no sugar added sector, reinventing its 0% line with a new plant-based sweetener.

Our master nougat-makers use a visually sugar-like substitute, with the same taste and behaviour. Maintaining the organoleptic properties of the final product, this new and revolutionary sweetener is high in plant-based fibre (FDA-approved ingredients).

It provides 75% fewer calories than sugar and up to 35% less fat.

Many of the fibres it contains come from corn and chicory.

These figures make it resemble sugar in appearance but improve its health virtues, while simultaneously exercising their probiotic benefits in the immune system of the intestinal flora.

This means that several of the ingredients of our new sweetener lower blood sugar when used as a substitute, making it a perfect solution for diabetic and obese patients.

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