Virginias is collaborating once again with La Marató de TV3, in its 31st edition, with the awareness campaign dedicated to cardiovascular health.

Virginias Commitment was created to collaborate and help with charity, civic and research projects in every way possible. That’s how Virginias contributes to transforming one part of our reality, with the aim of providing solutions to society.

In this case the contribution goes toward La Marató de TV3, which this year revolves around cardiovascular health, and Virginias will donate 100% of the profits to the charity project. Currently, cardiovascular illness is the leading concern for developed countries, as it represents the top cause of mortality. In Catalonia alone, 1 out of every 4 deaths are due to heart disease, making it one of the most relevant current problems in public health.

Try me, enjoy me and collaborate with Virginias Commitment at the same time, donating 100% of the profits to La Marató de TV3, fostering biomedical research in cardiovascular illness.

I am one of the jewels of the Mediterranean diet, and if you consume me on a regular basis I will bring you energy, protein and vitamins. Studies show that a Mediterranean diet, complemented with nuts like me, reduces cardiovascular complications by up to 30%.

With 65% of me being almonds, I am the only Christmas sweet with a fat beneficial for cardiovascular health, since studies show it lowers ‘bad’ cholesterol and leads to a more favourable ratio of ‘bad’ to ‘good’ cholesterol.

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